Computer Hookup


We will hook you up. Schedule an appointment and we will come to your location to setup any Mac or PC.



Computer Setup


Don’t leave your computer defenseless. We will help keep all your personal information safe by installing antivirus and security software.



Computer Tune-up


It’s like an oil change for your computer. Let us keep everything running smoothly.



Data Backup or Transfer


Whether it’s a lightning bolt or a spilled cup of coffee, you never know when your computer is going to get fried. Take preventative action and have us keep all your data safe and secure.



Email Setup


What is the average amount of time a human can go without checking their email? Four seconds. Email has become an integral part of modern life. Let us help you create an account and teach you how to use it like the pros.



Hardware Install


Got a new printer, scanner, microphone, RAM, hard drive, or even a toaster? We can help install any piece of hardware.



Hardware Repair


Mmm computer repair. Just the sound of it makes our geeky little hearts race. You don’t need a service plan to get help. We can service most major brands and can handle almost any computer-related repair.



Operating System Install


The operating system (OS) is the backbone of your computer. Because your OS affects everything that goes on in your system, installing a new one can be tricky. We love this kind of stuff. Let us help.



Printer Setup


Need a new printer setup? We know what “PC Load Letter” means and everything else about printers. Let us setup your printer and get you printing ASAP.



Software Install & Setup


From video games to spreadsheets, we will get any software ready to go for you.



Technology Consultation


Does your computer still take punch cards? We can give you a technology makeover. And we’ll even take the cost of the consultation and apply it to a discount on future products and services.





Stop calling other people for help when you need help creating a table of contents. We will turn you into a computer pro with one-on-one training for:

• Introduction to Computers

• Working with Photos

• Staying Safe Online

• Personal Media (MP3) Players

• Working with Video

• Introduction to Windows

• Introduction to Office

• Social Media and more



Virus & Spyware Removal


Unlike a zombie, an infected computer can be cured. We can get your computer up and running again by removing viruses and spyware.



Wireless Networking


Break your ethernet shackles and embrace wireless. We can help.




Remote In